Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wetland nightmare

Husband and wife want to do some residential construction on 7 acres.  .03 (that's 3 one-hundreths) of an are of wetlands is on the site.  In order to impact that 1300 square feet this couple is required to: 

Create 21,700 feet of wetland on this property. 
Set aside another 15,000 square feet of their property as wetland
Pay for the construction of another 45,600 square feet of wetland in another location. 

So let's review:  In trade for 1300 square feet of impact, they're required to create or set aside 82,300 square feet.  That's 63 times the area.  That's outrageous. 

Hard to believe?  Here's the order


  1. Bruce,
    you made the following statement on Michelle's blog:

    "The infrastructure to support small farmers is eroding pretty fast in Snohomish county. I’ve had to go to skagit or whatcom county to get pig stuff done, and as far as pig equipment goes, I’m having to buy it in iowa and have it shipped here. No one handles hog equipment. Well, that’s not strictly true. Everyone handles the equipment to feed a single hog or two, but once you start getting above 2, iowa.

    Snohomish county is very proud of the focus on farming thing — but when it comes down to it, the thing that would help me most is if they would stop trying to regulate me out of business. Flood hazard permit, salmonid species and resident killer whale habitat plan, arguing about my fencing… blah blah. Iowa I can take. The county “helping” me is a little harder to swallow."

    I'd like your take on why this is happening, what is driving it and what the long term goals are here. And what, perhaps, we should be doing about it, if anything.
    HDR is bringing up issues, Emily is bringing up issues, can we afford to continue ignoring all of this government interference and stealing of our freedoms?

  2. Oh, have you heard about the climategate? Of course the mainstream media is not talking about it. So you have to source it elsewhere. The whole global warming thing is a fraud being used to impoverish America and implement global government. They were threatening to tax cow flatulence. lol